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The Dark Wind Howls Over Mary
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 Sheriff Sringbean Hooper's job description for Sheriff consists of sitting with his feet on his desk.  all that changed when Sully Town, Montana's doctor comes in to report his wife is missing.  The sheriff finds himself in the middle of a family fued between Doc and Mac Sullivan, powerful rancher, while he tries to find Doc's wife.  Hooper's only backups are a nervous part time deputy, Whiskers Parker, and a widow rancher who's set on marrying Hooper.  the sheriff finds himself fighting for his life and bachlorhood while he solves this mystery.
Read an excerpt from this western book which contains romance, gunfights and murder.  ISBN 1438221576

My latest and sixteenth book is now for sale. A Promise Is A Promise - Nurse Hal Among The Amish - Book One ISBN 0982459505. The back cover for the first in this series about Nurse Hal reads Fay Risner takes readers on an emotional journey into a tender, original story set in the rolling hills of southern Iowa. A story that is heartwarming, romantic and a mystery. Home Health Nurse Hal LIndstrom is assigned amish widower John Lapp. She offers to stay with his children while he is in the hospital. Fifteen year old Emma Takes care of the household. Her two younger brothers are handling the dairy operation. Hal soon realizes that Emma suffers from depression. Noah is withdrawn, and Daniel is so troubled he sleepwalks outside looking for his dead mother. Drawn to this needy family, Hal discovers they have a secret swept under their proverbial Amish rag rug. The more she tries to help them the deeper she is sucked into the family's problem. Finally, Emma makes Hal promise to stop trying to unravel the family's tragic secret before it's too late. Hal agrees. When her future happiness with John Lapp is at stake, she wishes she hadn't, but a promise is a promise.

What's New?
Anyone out there read Good Old Days magazines.  Proudly, I have written stories that the magazine purchased from me.  The firstappeared in the Jan. 2006 issue in the Good Old Days Kitchen section.  Title is "Cooking Like An Angel".  That is a story about my mother baking angel food cakes for 70 years.  The second story comes out in the August 2006 issue.  It's called "Gas Station On The Lincoln Highway".   It's about my parents owning a gas station that had been in business since the 1930's.  It is on highway 30 near the Keystone corner which is 30 miles from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Now the building is rented as a home.  The third story came out in the November Good Old Days Special Magazine 2006. It's called Pilgrim Thanksgiving. A story about friends that have been special to my family for almost 60 years. Wow!  The fourth story came out in July 2007. The title is Family Get-togethers. The fifth story is in the March 2008 issue. Title The Multipurpose Cave. The story is about the root cellar on the family farm near Schell City, Missouri. Wow! I've gotten published with my short stories.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.  My e-mail address is booksbyfay@yahoo  Subject - website- or my online bookstore