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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

I don't often talk about my age, but let me give you a hint.  I'm a baby boomer.  That and the fact that someone in my family had Alzheimer's disease is why I am concerned that everyone needs to learn more about this disease.  I'm five feet three inches tall, have brown hair and dark brown eyes and a southern accent that is more evident right after our vacation to the Ozarks which happens every October.

I was born near Schell City, Missouri in the lovely Ozarks.  My parents moved the family to eastern Iowa when I was fourteen.  I grew up on the Lincoln Highway near the Keystone corner, helping my parents in a gas station where I met lots of people including my husband. I have one grown son named Duane.
My husband and I love country living.  We have four acres which we share with 5 sheep, 5 goats and their off springs.  Also, we have 60 hens, 3 roosters, 4 rabbits, 8 cats and 1 dog.
I like to chrocet doilies, quilt and sew.  Inbetween writing, I read as much as I can such as westerns and mysteries.
Two websites for contests I like - for Arkansas Writers' Conference contests
I've entered many short story contests.  2007 - I was awarded first place in the Nuts and Jolts contest for a chapter in a manuscript I wrote called County Seat Killer.  This story is a historical mystery involving Gracie Evans, elderly retired farmer from Locked Rock, Iowa.  The story is my fourth book about Gracie and set in central Iowa in the early 1900's.  I was awarded second place for the first chapter of a western I wrote titled "The Dark Wind Howls Over Mary".  That takes place in Montana.  Sheriff Stringbean Hooper has to solve the disappearance of the town doctor's wife.
I'm thrilled to have received these honors plus the many other awards.  Here is a list of them.
2003 from the Arkansas Writers Conference
5th place for the Kahler Spratt award for Autumn in Ark
2nd place for the Ark. Center for Book Award for Young Adult short story Community Service
3rd place for Grif Stockley Mystery for Jacob's Spirit
2003 from White County Creative Writers
2nd place for western for Bobtail's Cranky
4th place for Children story for Spooks In The Mansion
2004 from Arkansas Writers Conference
6th place from White County Creative Writers for Cowgirl Annie
2005 awards from Arkansas Writers Conference
2nd place for Lucille Longstreth Memorial for short short story Jubel
2005 awards from White County Creative Writers
4th place for Personal Essay The Angel That Flew
2006 awards from Arkansas Writers Conference
6th place from Ark. Pioneer Branch NLAPW for 1st chapter of a children book titled Children Are More Precious Than Gold
6th place from Chia Crocheron Award for I Write Because
5th place from Ark. Center for Book Award young Adult for Walk On The Wild Side
2006 awards from White County Creative Writers
4th place for Spiritual inspirational essay for Not In A Million Years
6th place for Personal essay for A Woman Of All Seasons
2007 awards from Arkansas Writers Conference
5th place from Westward Ho for A Coffin To Lie On
1st place from Nuts & Jolts Award for book County Seat Killer chapter
5th place from Robbi Rice Dietrich for Smiles In The Dark
6th place from Lucille Longstreth Memorial for Boat Give Away
2007 White County Creative Writers
4th place for short story for Cowgirl Annie
2nd place from Dusty Richard Tumbleweed Award for 1st chapter western The Dark Wind Howls Over Alice
2008 Arkansas Writer' Conference
6th place for An Instigator Of The Best Kind
4th place for Always Family First
2nd place for Beethoven's Intervention
2008 White County Creative Writers
5th place for Grandma's Legacy
State tuned for more.  Maybe I'm not done winning yet!


If you're wondering how I could write a book on Alzheimer's let me list the reasons.
I am a Certified Nurse Aide in long term care.
The Iowa Health Care Association awarded me the Nurse Aide award for 2004.
I am on the volunteer speakers bureau for the Alzheimer's Association in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  The Association awarded me the award of Excellance for Professional Caregiver in Aug., 1006.
My mother and I spent ten long years taking care of my father who had Alzheimer's.  That life experience taught me much of what I know.

Gratifying but What a job!

I facilitate an Educational Alzheimer's Support Group one afternoon every other month.  Keeps me thinking to come up with a new topic to discuss at each meeting, but I'm a firm believer in educating the caregivers and their families.  Opening the meeting with a topic is also a great way to get caregivers talking about a tough subject.  Want to discuss how to start your own Support Group.  Email me with questions at