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 Series Of Amazing Gracie Mysteries

 An American version of Miss Marple, Gracie Evans and her sidekick, Melinda Applegate, are always in the right place at the wrong time.  Come along on their adventures in Locked Rock, Iowa.  Enjoy these two very different characters.  Gracie is a hard as nails, brassy voiced, unmarried, farmer who retires to the Moser Mansion Rest Home for Women, but she never really gives in to retirement.  Melinda is a soft spoken lady who is willingly becomes friends with Gracie for companionship.  She seems to willingly allow Gracie to get her into some dangerous scraps, but when push comes to shove, Melinda can stick up for herself.
Neighbor Watchers - book one
Specious Nephew - book two
The County Seat Killer - book three
The Chance Of A Sparrow - book four
Moser Mansion's Ghosts - book five
and more to come.

 Book One - Neighbor Watchers
In 1903, Gracie Evans tries to resign herself to the fact she is retired.  She wrestles with her boredom and the only diversion is rocking on the front porch with Melinda Applegate.  The women tear peek holes in the porch vines so they can watch the neighbors.  What starts out as harmless snooping turns into a dangerous past time when the woman across the street is murdered.  Gracie and Melinda saw who came out of the house in the dark, but they are afraid to tell the sheriff without proof.  That leads Gracie to talk Melinda into doing a fool hardy investigation of their own.
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